Antebellum Home Interior Design

Do you feel lucky that you are one of the few people on the planet who own an Antebellum home? Your home was built about 30-40 years ago, right before the Civil War in the Southern U.S.

Antebellum homes depict no less than fine living while they also give a glimpse of times that are past. This home is Federal, Classic Revival or Greek in design but the opulence that is seen in its architecture also has a function. Take a look at the sweeping porch, the balcony, pillars and garbled roof and you are looking at a grand design.

The interiors of this type of home are majestic; people are often welcomed into huge entry ways. As visitors come in, they will immediately notice the sweeping staircases and formal public rooms. These show that the owner of the house has wealth and power.

When designing such a home, you need to find Southern antiques or European imports. If you can also incorporate Italian marble mantelpieces, wooden furniture and ornate chandeliers then you are on the right track.

It is vital that you stay true to the original interior design since these homes are often protected by a historical society. This means that even if you are the owner of such a property, the town or city still has a right to restrict any modern renovations that you plan to do. You have the duty to keep the outside of your home looking historical.

When refurbishing such an old home, keep in mind that it has hardwood floors. Use rugs or carpets to keep the floors from being damaged. You can use traditional, pattern rugs which come with either Oriental or European design. The larger the rug that you use, the more suitable it is to your home. Remember that there are more areas to cover so go ahead and find the largest rugs that you can discover.

Sure, there can be a lot of challenges when dressing up an antebellum home but these can be met if you know what to buy from the onset. There are many old South homes that you can look into. Get in touch with the historical societies and find out how you can be toured into one of these homes. Also, you will need a historical society to give you a go signal on any renovations that you are planning for your not-so-new home.

Purchasing a Piece of History

When purchasing an antebellum home, you are actually buying a part of a romantic period in American history. Antebellum means pre-war in the Latin language and it refers to the architecture of elegant plantation homes. You are wrong to think that antebellum is merely a type of home – it is actually a place and time in history. The features of these homes were first seen in the American South around 1803. These were brought by the Anglo-Americans right after the Louisiana Purchase.

Here are a few more tips to beautify you antebellum property –

  • Hang artworks on the bare walls. Find the mid-19th century portraits or landscapes that are in ornate frames.
  • Use heavy draperies that also make use of ornate tiebacks.
  • Buy antiques that are as old or around the same time as your paintings.
  • Find a small settee with floral or velvet upholstery.
  • Use dark wood furniture, if you have a grand piano, then this is the time to display it.
  • Find an old, oval mirror and place it right above the fireplace mantel.
  • Use furnishings on the porch such as a small sofa, chairs and tables.

Add period lighting fixtures.


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